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News Channel 13/abc

5th Generation Suffolk Farmer Invents Virginia Gold 'Peanut Coffee'

Ripley's Believe It Or Not!

Fifth generation peanut farmer James Harrell created peanut coffee, a drink that tastes like and can be brewed just like a regular cup of joe but is made entirely of peanuts! 

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Would You drink Peanut Coffee? Here's What You Need to Know About the Latest Coffee Craze
"Is It Technically Coffee? No- But It Is Delicious"

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Peanut Coffee: Enhancement of Nutritional, Physiochemical, and Sensory Characteristics

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The newest type of coffee is NUTS


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Peanut Coffee Explained

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Peanut Coffee: Creating A New Trend

In a society filled with alternatives, a new invention has been made: peanut ‘coffee’.

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Beverages disrupted
Forward Thinking: 3 Beverage Trends For 2021 and Beyond

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Enterprising Farmer Converts Peanuts From Cultivar To Cup

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Wake Up and Smell The...Peanuts? Virginia Gold Peanut Coffee Offers Novel Twist on Classic Drink

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Roasted Peanut Oil in Taste of the South magazine (peanut chili crunch)

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Here's How A Cup of Joe Inspired This Peanut Farmer To Make Coffee From Peanuts

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Coffee, But Not As You Know It

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A Suffolk Farmer Has Invented A New Kind Of Coffee Made Of Peanuts, And We Tasted It


This Coffee Is Nuts, Literally

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Local Company Markets Peanut Oil

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Business Hopefuls Square Off For Prizes And Help In Suffolk

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Peanut Coffee Company Wins 757Pitch