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"Hi - I just tried your peanut coffee today (original, Caffeine free) for the first time and was very impressed! I’m a coffee snob so I don’t like cheap alternatives but your product is very close to the real deal! I just ordered 2 more bags to send to family members." -William Craft

"Is it technically coffee? No-but it is delicious." -Better Homes & Gardens

"I have been allergic to coffee since I had my youngest child 3 years ago. I decided to try your alls peanut coffee in a desperate attempt to have a replacement. I am SO thankful I did. It tastes almost identical to regular coffee." -Laura

"I normally drink caffeinated coffee. However, I drink a lot of coffee. I hate the taste of decaffeinated coffee so having an alternative that tastes good and is naturally caffeine-free is great!" -Darren Petrie

"It tastes like a less acidic version of coffee, with just a hint of nutty flavor." -Food Network Magazine

"I love coffee, but coffee does not like me. I don't tolerate caffeine well, and I can't even drink decaf coffee after noon. And disappointingly, my stomach is often acidy after even drinking decaf coffee. Enter peanut coffee! What an amazingly creative idea! It's delicious! And naturally caffeine-free (unless you pick the variety with the caffeine added). And not a hint of that acid which gives me trouble. It looks and tastes just like coffee, with the same toasty "bitter notes" that coffee lovers (like me!) enjoy. I'm making it with my french press, and drinking it with a little cream and sweetener- just like regular coffee. It is really satisfying and delicious. I'm grateful that creative minds came up with this one!" -Bonnie Goren

"I don't like black coffee. I always add cream and sugar to smooth it out. But I can drink peanut coffee black. Very smooth." -Adam Culler

"First saw your product this year in the Virginia Farm Bureau magazine. Tried a packet and loved it, now we always have it on the shelf. I've served it to folks who didn't think they'd like it, and now they're ordering it. I've ordered 4 packets to put in family Christmas stockings, so they can try it." -Lannis Selz

"Peanut Coffee is very good! Much better than the chicory products I have tried. Because I have developed a health problem called interstitial cystitis, I cannot have acidic foods." -Lana Martin

"Let me start by saying how much I love this peanut coffee! I didn't think I'd ever be able to enjoy the coffee taste and experience again, and now with this product it is my favorite part of every morning." -Heather Mitchell

"My heart has taken a temporary turn for the worse and I MUST wean off caffeine. Your caffeine-free coffee alternative is exactly what the doctor ordered." -Jessica Drake

 "I am a regular coffee drinker, but I also enjoy peanuts and thought it would be fun to try this out.  I actually really loved it!  A week or so later, I had my brother and sister-in-law over for a family meal, and I made some to go with dessert, telling them only that I had a "special new coffee" for them to try.  They both enjoyed it as well!!!" -Adam Hark

"We have tried a cup of peanut coffee and it is delicious! We love it!! We cannot tolerate the acid in coffee and it is so nice that we found this delicious alternative!!!" -Amy Jo Claffey

"Just wanted to let you guys know that I love the coffee! I was a regular coffee drinker before I got pregnant and my stomach can't handle a single cup of regular coffee or even decaf. I thought I'd just have to let coffee go until the end of my pregnancy which was not very easy to handle. One sleepless night, I saw an article about peanut coffee in Food Network magazine and ordered it right away. I was meant to see that article because peanut coffee does not upset my stomach a single bit! Thank you for having a delicious coffee that I can drink!" -Sarah Smith

"Your Coffee is absolutely delicious! Both the caffeinated and caffeine-free peanut coffee is fantastic! I can drink this coffee black because it is so smooth." -Lisa Pietro

"My wife and I love the peanut coffee. She can't drink normal coffee anymore and this is the best tasting coffee substitute we've been able to find." -Timothy Oos

I love your peanut coffee! I made my 3rd purchase today. I will be a repeat customer." -John Wilson

"I am thrilled to find this as I must remove regular coffee from my diet due to bariatric surgery. I like the taste a lot and mixed with a chocolate protein powder. It is a treat!" -Tami Paul

"Thank you so much for creating this product. I just received my first order after stumbling across an article about your company and innovative new coffee. I love it! I haven't been able to drink traditional coffee for more than a year due to becoming intolerant to any amount of caffeine. Due to multiple food allergies, chamomille tea has been my only alternative, until now. Peanut coffee is a game changer. You now have an enthusiastic customer for life."   -Heather Reid

"Saw your article in the Virginian-Pilot and decided to give your peanut coffee a try. Our family is sensitive to caffeine and this coffee alternative tastes great!"   Rose Larken

"I love decaffeinated coffee but I can no longer have decaffeinated coffee. I drink coffee substitutes. The advantage of peanut coffee over regular coffee is there is no acid in peanut coffee. Very smooth."   -Mrs. Barrow

"I have tried many coffee alternatives due to the fact that I cannot drink coffee. Peanut coffee is the best tasting coffee alternative that I have ever drank....It tastes just like coffee."   -Jackie

"My doctor suggested that I not drink coffee anymore. Not even decaffeinated coffee, due to heart problems. But with peanut coffee, I can brew something that tastes like coffee but without all the negative things that come along with coffee."   -Jennifer

"My doctor told me to stay away from diuretics. But I love coffee. Thanks to peanut coffee, I can now have a 100% naturally caffeine-free product that tastes just like coffee."   -Heather

I'm surprised, this peanut coffee tastes just like coffee."   -Keegan Treadaway

"For something that isn't actually made of coffee, this peanut coffee is really good."   -Mr. Copenhaver

“We bought your peanut coffee and it’s delicious! We are doing keto so this coffee alternative is great!!!!”   -Sheryl Felice

“I wanted to try your product. My wife and I enjoyed drinking coffee together for years. However, she had to undergo dialysis and she can no longer tolerate coffee because of blood pressure issues. This peanut coffee tastes a lot like coffee and she can drink it. Thank you.”   -Chris Farnung

“Our family is sensitive to caffeine and this coffee tastes great!”   -Rose Larken