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 "I am a regular coffee drinker, but I also enjoy peanuts and thought it would be fun to try this out.  I actually really loved it!  A week or so later, I had my brother and sister-in-law over for a family meal, and I made some to go with dessert, telling them only that I had a "special new coffee" for them to try.  They both enjoyed it as well!!!" -Adam Hark

"We have tried a cup of peanut coffee and it is delicious! We love it!! We cannot tolerate the acid in coffee and it is so nice that we found this delicious alternative!!!" -Amy Jo Claffey

"Just wanted to let you guys know that I love the coffee! I was a regular coffee drinker before I got pregnant and my stomach can't handle a single cup of regular coffee or even decaf. I thought I'd just have to let coffee go until the end of my pregnancy which was not very easy to handle. One sleepless night, I saw an article about peanut coffee in Food Network magazine and ordered it right away. I was meant to see that article because peanut coffee does not upset my stomach a single bit! Thank you for having a delicious coffee that I can drink!" -Sarah Smith

"Your Coffee is absolutely delicious! Both the caffeinated and caffeine-free peanut coffee is fantastic! I can drink this coffee black because it is so smooth." -Lisa Pietro

"My wife and I love the peanut coffee. She can't drink normal coffee anymore and this is the best tasting coffee substitute we've been able to find." -Timothy Oos

I love your peanut coffee! I made my 3rd purchase today. I will be a repeat customer." -John Wilson

"I am thrilled to find this as I must remove regular coffee from my diet due to bariatric surgery. I like the taste a lot and mixed with a chocolate protein powder. It is a treat!" -Tami Paul

"Thank you so much for creating this product. I just received my first order after stumbling across an article about your company and innovative new coffee. I love it! I haven't been able to drink traditional coffee for more than a year due to becoming intolerant to any amount of caffeine. Due to multiple food allergies, chamomille tea has been my only alternative, until now. Peanut coffee is a game changer. You now have an enthusiastic customer for life."   -Heather Reid

"Saw your article in the Virginian-Pilot and decided to give your peanut coffee a try. Our family is sensitive to caffeine and this coffee alternative tastes great!"   Rose Larken

"I love decaffeinated coffee but I can no longer have decaffeinated coffee. I drink coffee substitutes. The advantage of peanut coffee over regular coffee is there is no acid in peanut coffee. Very smooth."   -Mrs. Barrow

"I have tried many coffee alternatives due to the fact that I cannot drink coffee. Peanut coffee is the best tasting coffee alternative that I have ever drank....It tastes just like coffee."   -Jackie

"My doctor suggested that I not drink coffee anymore. Not even decaffeinated coffee, due to heart problems. But with peanut coffee, I can brew something that tastes like coffee but without all the negative things that come along with coffee."   -Jennifer

"My doctor told me to stay away from diuretics. But I love coffee. Thanks to peanut coffee, I can now have a 100% naturally caffeine-free product that tastes just like coffee."   -Heather

I'm surprised, this peanut coffee tastes just like coffee."   -Keegan Treadaway

"For something that isn't actually made of coffee, this peanut coffee is really good."   -Mr. Copenhaver

“We bought your peanut coffee and it’s delicious! We are doing keto so this coffee alternative is great!!!!”   -Sheryl Felice

“I wanted to try your product. My wife and I enjoyed drinking coffee together for years. However, she had to undergo dialysis and she can no longer tolerate coffee because of blood pressure issues. This peanut coffee tastes a lot like coffee and she can drink it. Thank you.”   -Chris Farnung

“Our family is sensitive to caffeine and this coffee tastes great!”   -Rose Larken